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Oodles of math stupid...

I've taken to collecting innumeracy posts from mock_the_stupid (with permission) to post here (without editing cause otherwise they'll never get posted).


I was working on the cash register. I had a customer order her drink, I told her how much she owed ($2.78) and she paid in cash...she gave me two dollar bills, 2 quarters (25 cents each), and 3 pennies. She looked at me to indicate she was done, I counted the money, and politely said "your total is $2.78, you gave me $2.53, you owe me another quarter" so she takes away a quarter, and gives me a total of two dollars, one quarter, two dimes (10 cents each), a nickel (5 cents each), and 3 pennies. I said "ma'am, you gave me 53 cents again, and your total is two dollars and SEVENTY EIGHT cents - I need another quarter. So what does she do? She takes the change back, and counts out one quarter, two dimes, a nickel, and three pennies. Once again, I explained to her that this was not the right amount of change, and she STILL needed to give me twenty five more cents. She looked entirely exasperated with me, and slammed another quarter down on the counter. Then she snatched her drink and walked away.


I received an e-mail this morning from our supplier of a certain product regarding price changes. According to the message, they are RAISING the cost.

"From $89.95 to $87.95.

It is a $3 increase."

I weep, I really do.


A friend of ours went to the deli counter of her supermarket and asked the counterchild for a third of a pound of ham.

The counterchild informed her that she couldn’t get a third of a pound of ham because there was no such thing as a third of a pound. You could have a quarter pound or a half-pound. A third of a pound of anything at all just didn’t exist.

After a spirited discussion of fractions, our friend ended up having the child put slices on the scale until told to stop. She ended up with .34 pounds of ham, but the child nearly died of exasperation at our friend’s denseness.
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Maybe a quarter + half a quarter of a pound would have been close enough ;).